Kubota B2320 Problems & Repair (with Replacement Costs)

Kubota B2320 is a pioneering tractor and has been a household name in the mowing industry for a very long time. We can’t deny the caliber of this B2x20 series 4WD compact utility tractor. 

However, like any other piece of machinery, the Kubota B2320 too is prone to flaws and issues that could impair its functionality. Some of the common Kubota B2320 problems are- engine starting issues, hydrostatic transmission troubles, insufficient fuel problems, intermittent engine stalling, and a few more.

To know the root causes of these problems and to fix these Kubota B2320 tractor issues, please read out the full article.

Common Encountered Troubles of the Kubota B2320 Tractor

Kubota B2320 Problems

Here are the most common issues with the Kubota B2320 compact utility tractor-

  1. Engine starting 
  2. Hydrostatic Transmission
  3. The fuel filter basin never remains full
  4. Intermittent engine stalling 

Solutions to Kubota B2320 Problems 

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the potential remedies for the widely reported glitches of the Kubota B2320. 

1. Engine Starting Problem: Change the Battery or Ignition Switch  

The Kbbota B2320 tractor’s engine starting issue is the most significant issue everyone encounters. Whatever you try, your tractor won’t start; instead, you’ll hear a ‘clicking’ sound. Is that typical now? 

Yes, it is, and it occurs whenever an internal issue, such as a bad battery, fuse, or electrical connection, arises. How to troubleshoot this? I have got you covered. Follow the steps: 

Step 1: Check the PTO lever and try to engage and disengage the lever. While doing so, if you hear a clink, your tractor’s PTO lever is fine.

Step 2: Use a voltmeter to check the voltage on the battery. It should be 12 V.

Step 3: Check all the wiring connections for any electrical problems.

Step 4: Remove the cables from the battery and clean both the negative and positive terminals on the battery. Also, clean the cable end where it attaches to the battery frame

Step 5: Use a multimeter to check if a charge is flowing through both the battery and the ignition switch when the tractor is running. If it doesn’t show a flow of charge, replace it

The related replacement costs are as follows: 

Kbbota B2320 Tractor Parts NameParts PriceMechanic Cost
Battery replacement $75 to $300 $30 to $60
Ignition Switch replacement $20 to $80$20 to $50

The following video explains the ways to fix Kubota B2320 Ignition issues-

2. Hydrostatic Transmission: Rock the HST Pedal or Replace the Safety Switch 

If the Kbbota B2320 utility tractor not starting even after turning the key on is a sign of a hydrostatic transmission issue. No matter how many kickstart or restart techniques you apply. So how to fix the HST problem of this tractor in simple steps? Go through this section: 

Step 1: Test the PTO switch and the two-seat switches.

Step 2: Engage and disengage the PTO.

Step 3: Rock the HST pedal to forward and reverse directions to get into the middle orientation. 

Step 4: Lubricate the tubes that the HST rods pass through with penetrating oil; proper transmission is hindered by a lack of lubrication on the rods. 

Step 5: Check the safety switch under the tractor floorboard and make sure it is in the neutral position.

Step 6: Spray the large nut on the safety switch with CRC or any other lubricant. The nut helps to adjust the switch; if it’s corroded or too greasy, changing the switch is difficult. Even if spraying doesn’t work, replace the safety switch 

The price of the switches will be around 30 to 70 bucks.

3. Fuel Tank Isn’t Full: Clean the Fuel Tank

Sometimes you may notice the fuel tank of the Kbbota B2x20 series B2320 tractor never stays full. You might think it’s normal since running the machine will use up fuel. But if it persists for a long time, then it is a fueling concern. 

This is a general phenomenon seen in two instances: either when air leaks from somewhere within the fuel delivery system or when debris gets stuck in the fuel tank. 

Before the fuel problem fuels up your worries, fix it by simply following the steps below: 

Step 1: Check the seal on the fuel filter and empty the fuel tank. Removing the tank completely is a hassle. Instead, take the hose off of the fuel tank and drain the fuel out of the tank. Use compressed air to blow out and soak all of the fluid from the tank.

Step 2: Check the tightness of the fuel bowl and check the O-rings. Usually, the fuel bowl has 2 O-rings, both of different sizes. The large one is placed on the top of the tank, and the small one is placed on the center of the fuel filter. The wrong placement of the O-rings can also be a reason for fuel emptying. 

Step 3: Clean the O-ring with lubricant and soapy water, and if it is old or way too greasy, replace it. O-rings are fairly cheap to buy; one would probably cost less than $5. 

Step 4: Disengage the fuel cap and take it off

Step 5: Fill the tank with new fluid 

4. Intermittent Engine Stalling: Clean or Replace the Filters or Clean the Fuel Tank 

The intermittent stalling of the tractor engine is another often encountered problem of the Kbbota B2x20 tractor. The engine promptly loses RPM and shuts off. This happens when there is a partial blockage in the fuel pickup that restricts the proper flow of fuel. 

Although if you reduce the throttle and wait a short while, the engine will recover. However, this is not the ultimate solution. To avoid having your tractor stall while you are mowing, follow the procedures: 

Step 1: Clean and replace the fuel and air filters (both inner and outer), especially if you have used them for a long period or if the filters are way too dirty. 

Step 2: Inspect the vent in the fuel cap. Clean the vent and try loosening the fuel cap. A clogged vent or a tight fuel cap can cut back the regular flow.

Pro Tip: While removing the fuel cap, if you hear a faint ‘whoosh’ sound, your vent is likely to be  functioning properly

Step 3: Remove the connection of the fuel line at the fuel filter and expel all the fuel from the tank.

Step 4: Add water to the tank and then use a wet vacuum to remove the water.

Step 5: Dry out the inside of the tank completely and fill in new fuel.

Step 6: Connect the fuel line to the fuel filter. 

The price breakdown of the items that you need to replace is listed below. Note that this is just an estimation, not the exact price. The cost might vary according to the website or shop you buy the products from. 

Serial NoParts NamePrice 
1Engine oil (1 gallon) $26.00 
2Super UDT2 synthetic universal trans-hydraulic oil (1 gallon) $30.00
3Fuel Filter Assembly$12.64
4Air filter (inner)$53.11
5Air filter (outer)$24.24


Q. What kind of tractor is a Kubota B2320?

A. Kubota B2320 is a compact utility tractor specially designed for a smaller-scale mowing process. It is a part of the B2x20 series. Due to its compact size, it is very versatile and easy to use and maintain. 

Q. What are the Kubota B2320 tractor’s battery specs?

A. The Kubota B2320 compact utility tractor has a battery volt of 12 V with a CCA of 430 A. 

Q. What type of engine does the Kubota B2320 have? 

A. The Kubota BX2320 tractor has the Kubota D1005 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with a horsepower of 23 or 17.2 kW and a displacement of 61.1ci or 1.0L. 

Q. What attachments are available for the B2320 Kubota tractor? 

A. Attachments available with the Kubota BX2320 tractor are- a 54” mid-mount mower deck, a 60” mid-mount mower deck, a backhoe, a front-end loader, and a cultivator. 

Q. What is the price for the Kubota B2320 compact utility tractor?

A. Generally, a brand-new Kubota B2320 tractor will range between $10,000 to $18,000. But its original price was 11,088 USD in 2011.

Final Thoughts 

Apart from the aforementioned issues, most users continue to endorse the Kubota B2320 and put their trust in the tractor. It’s not only because of its versatility or reliability, but also its efficiency and maintainability. 

The owner’s manual has all the details you are looking for, but reading through all of the sections might be tedious and time-consuming. This is where this article will step in to help you from beginning to end to fix your Kubota B2320 tractor.

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