Gravely 260Z Problems and Troubleshootings

When talking about ease of operation and reliability, Gravely 260Z has always been a top pick. However, upon thoroughly reviewing this commercial-grade mower, I have figured out that occasionally, you might face minor issues with your Gravely Promaster 260Z.

Let us have a look at some of the Gravely 260Z problems you might possibly have and their solutions. But before I jump right at it, let us understand if zero-turn lawnmowers are what you need.

Gravely 260Z Specs

Let’s have a look at the specifications of the Gravely Promaster 260Z zero-turn mower at a glance.

Engine Power27 Horsepower
Number of Blades3
Blade tip speed18000
Cutting Width60 inches
Cutting Height1.5 – 5.5 inches
Forward Ground Speed13 mph
Reverse Ground Speed6 mph
Fuel Tank Size13.4 gallons
Weight1336 pound

Troubleshooting Gravely 260Z Problems

Gravely 260z problems

Despite its sturdy design and build, it is not rare to have occasional problems with your Gravely 260Z. Common problems may include issues with your engine, fuel tank, air and fuel filter, smoke emission, etc.

But do not worry! Most of the problems are typically solvable without much hassle. Here is a guide for solutions to the most common issues of Gravely 260Z lawn mowers.

Problems related toProblemCausesSolution
EngineThe engine starts and dies* Empty Fuel tank
*Old Fuel  
* Bad/faulty spark plug
* Dirty air filter that prevents airflow
* Dirty/clogged carburettor that prevents airflow
* Dead battery
* Fill with fresh gas
* Drain the fuel tank and refill
* Replace the plug
* Clean the filter and replace if required
* Clean and replace the components if needed
* Recharge or replace as required
The engine starts and dies* Bad Fuel  
* Dirty air filter that prevents airflow
* Bad/faulty spark plug
* Too much Oil
* Battery not charging  
* Clogged Mower Deck
* Drain the fuel tank and refill
* Clean the filter and replace if required
* Replace the plug
* Drain off the extra oil * Recharge or replace as necessary
* Check the blades and occasionally clean the deck
Engine overheats* Low fuel level  
* Clogged cooling fins
* Check and Change Regularly
* Disengage it
SmokeRelease of excessive, thick, and dark smoke* Clogged air filter    
* Excessive oil
* Low fuel
* Clean the filter and replace it if required
* Drain off the extra oil
* Fill up the tank up to the required level  
TransmissionWeak Hydrostatic Transmission* Low/old hydraulic oil
* Bad Drive Belt
* Check and Change regularly
* If the belt looks rugged or worn out, change it
MiscellaneousWon’t Drive Straight* Tire Pressure is not accurateThe engine won’t start
Won’t move* Low/old hydraulic oil
* Parking Brake engaged
* Keep tire pressure according to manual specification


Q. Why should I get myself a Gravely 260Z?

A. The Gravely 260Z Zero Turn mower comes with some of the greatest features in the market including:

  • High power (27 Horsepower) Kawasaki Engine
  • Adjustable seating
  • Easy operation using two levers
  • Big deck to cover a larger area, and of course
  • High Speed of 13 miles per hour

So, if you are looking for a great mower that will help you achieve a well-trimmed yard in half the time as other mowers, you should get the Gravely 260Z.

Q. What Sets Gravely 260Z Apart from Other Zero-Turn Mowers?

A. When I talk about exceptional manoeuvrability, Gravely zero-turn mowers end up taking the cherry on the cake. But what really sets the 260Z apart from other mowers?

Well, to begin with, the 260Z is designed to tackle commercial-grade tasks of mid to high-heavy-duty nature, making them a favorite among professionals.

This mower uses a powerful professional-grade engine manufactured by the famous brand Kawasaki that results in smooth operation, irrespective of the grass length. Besides, it is incredibly fast; you can reach up to 13 miles per hour of speed. Its 60 inches deck will help you finish your work in a jiffy.

260Z also comes with an ergonomic design with an adjustable seat and vibration control. I also assure you that you won’t have to deal with any sort of fume blowouts. Also, The two levers will give you better control around tight areas with ease.

You will also find some accessories, including a bagger, mulch kit, Headlight kit, Operator Controlled Discharge Baffle, Mower and Seat cover, etc.

The Bottom Line

It can often seem intimidating to invest a hefty amount of money on anything, and it can actually stir panic if issues start popping up in that heavy investment product. But, after a thorough review, I can vouch that the Gravely 260Z price is justifiable, provided its high efficiency as a mower.

Besides, most problems have simple solutions that will not require further investments, and with that, I wish you happy mowing.

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