5 Common Kubota SVL75 Problems with Quick Fixings!

The Kubota SVL75 compact track loader has earned a reputation for its durability and versatility in various construction and landscaping tasks. However, like any other machinery, you may encounter Kubota SVL75 problems over time including hydraulic issues, engine overheating, electrical issues, etc.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most frequent troubles that Kubota SVL75 compact track loader owners might encounter and their easy fixes.

What are the Most Prevalent Problems of Kubota SVL75? 

Kubota SVL75 Problems

Out of all the possible Kubota SVL75 troubles, here are the most frequent ones that users encounter. 

  • Hydraulic system leaks 
  • Electrical Issues
  • Engine overheating
  • Track tension problems
  • Underperforming attachments

    Troubleshooting Kubota SVL75 Compact Track Loader Issues

    Now, we’ll discuss why the issues are occurring in Kubota SVL75 and how to fix them. 

    1. Hydraulic System Leaks

    One of the most common problems with the Kubota SVL75 is hydraulic fluid leaks, which can occur due to damaged hoses, fittings, or seals. Here are some ideas for fixing the issues.

    Step 1: Inspect the hydraulic system regularly for any signs of leaks.

    Step 2: Tighten loose fittings, replace damaged hoses, and repair or replace faulty seals promptly to prevent further leakage.

    2. Electrical Issues

    Electrical problems, such as dead batteries or faulty wiring, can cause starting issues or other operational problems of this loader. Let’s talk about the troubleshooting.

    Step 1: Test the battery voltage regularly and replace it if it falls below the recommended level.

    Step 2: Inspect wiring harnesses for signs of damage or wear and repair or replace as necessary to ensure proper electrical connectivity.

    3. Engine Overheating

    Overheating may occur for various reasons of Kubota SVL75, including a dirty radiator, low coolant levels, or a malfunctioning cooling fan. Here are a few possible solutions for it. You can do the following things to resolve the overheating issues.

    Step 1: Check the radiator for debris and clean it regularly to ensure proper airflow.

    Step 2: Monitor coolant levels and top up if necessary.

    Step 3: If the cooling fan is not functioning correctly, inspect it for damage or electrical issues and replace it.

    4. Track Tension Problems

    Improper track tension can lead to premature wear of the tracks and drive components. Let’s move on to the remedy.

    Step 1: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for track tension adjustment.

    Step 2: Check the tracks regularly and adjust tension as needed to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

    5. Underperforming Attachments

    Attachments may not perform as expected in Kubota SVL75 loader due to various factors, such as improper installation, hydraulic issues, or mechanical problems. If you experience this, take the following actions.

    Step 1: Ensure that attachments are properly installed and securely connected to the loader.

    Step 2: Inspect hydraulic connections for leaks or damage and address any issues promptly.

    Step 3: If attachments are still underperforming, consult the manufacturer or a qualified technician for further troubleshooting.


    Owning a Kubota SVL75 compact track loader can greatly enhance productivity on the job site, but it’s essential to be prepared for potential issues that may arise. By understanding common Kubota SVL75 problems and implementing proactive troubleshooting measures, you can minimize downtime and maximize the longevity of their machines.

    Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are key to keeping the Kubota SVL75 running smoothly for years to come.

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