Quick Solutions to Kubota B1550 Problems

The Kubota B1550 compact utility tractor is the ultimate go-to machine for lawn care that you can rely on. This B series Kubota machine can accommodate a variety of accessories and attachments that will make this the right choice for you.

However, you can occasionally face some Kubota B1550 problems. The 3-point linkage issues and the whining noise troubles are the most common. And there are some minor issues like the hydraulic lift not working, starting problems, etc. However, you can fix these challenges by following some steps. And if any parts get damaged, you may replace them.

Just cut to the chase because I am here with all the tricks and techniques that might help in troubleshooting these Kubota B1550 common issues. 

Kubota B1550 Tractor Specifications 

A few of the key specs of the Kubota B1550 tractor are given below: 

  • Engine type: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, incline
  • Engine starter system: Electric 
  • Battery: 12 V or 45 Ah
  • Power: 17.3 PS or 12.7 kW or 17 HP
  • Cylinders: Three
  • Displacement: 0.9 L or 855 cm2 or 52.2 cu·in
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.0 liters or 4.8 US gal. or 4 Imp. gal
  • Oil Capacity: 3.1 L or 3.28 US. qt, or 2.73 Imp. qt.
  • Weight: 2-wheel drive (2WD): 555 kg or 1,225 lbs, 4-wheel drive (4WD): 610 kg or 1,345 lbs
  • Length: 2,565 mm or 101 inches 
  • Height: 1,900 mm or 74.8 inches 
  • Width: 1,100 mm or 43.3 inches
  • Wheelbase: 1,470 mm or 57.9 inches 

The Most Common Issues of Kubota B1550 Tractor and Ways To Fix Them

The table below consists of the most commonly reported problems with the Kubota B1550 mower and how to address them properly to give a perfect working lawn mower. The troubles and their potential solutions are assembled after extensive research from several discussion forums, surveys, and reviews. So you can be very well assured that these are drawn from actual events. 

Take a look at the section below to know what step-by-step processes users used to put an end to their mower failure disaster. 

Serial NoKubota B1550 Problems Solutions
1The 3-point linkage valve does not go down Check the speed control valve/ Replace the hydraulic pump
2Whining of hydrostatic driveReplace the oil and oil filter/ Clean the wire mesh screen 

1. The 3-Point Linkage Valve Does Not Go Down

Kubota B1550 Problems

The 3-point linkage valve serves the purpose of fastening any accessories to the tractor. The 3-point hinge issue has been one of the major concerns regarding the Kubota B1550 tractor, where the hinge stays in an upright position and won’t go down. 

To troubleshoot this, go through the following steps: 

Step 1: Remove the seat of the tractor and just between the knee length, you will see the triangle-shaped valve, which is your 3-point linkage valve. Make sure the valve is open. Problems occur when the valve is closed

Step 2: Check if all the pipes are properly connected and placed. You can also try loosening the nuts on the pipe pump outlet to alleviate pressure

Step 3: Inspect the feedback rod on the 3-point linkage

Step 4: Remove any implements from the three-point hook and unscrew the valve assembly from the hinge

Step 5: Press down on the arm lift gently and you will find the speed control valve. Take that out. If you notice any fluid leaking out, then you need to replace the hydraulic pump

Step 6: Clean the transmission oil strainer and fill the fuel pump with new Kubota UTD fluid

Although the replacement cost is very high which will be around $500 to $600 USD, it will be the wisest decision to go for a hydraulic pump change. 

Pro Tip: Wear safety gloves and glasses and cover your skin while troubleshooting. The pressure might cause the oil to forcefully shoot out and seep through your skin causing severe injuries. 

2. Whining of Hydrostatic Drive

Another common issue faced by the Kubota B series B1550 users is the whining of the hydrostatic transmission, especially when the gear goes forward. Well, we all kind of dislike whining noises.

So why not see what the steps are to get rid of such noises? Simply go for an oil change, oil filter change, or wire mesh screen change. 

Step 1: Unscrew the drain plugs (located under the seats) on both sides and clear out all the oil inside, and then put the plugs back in.

Step 2: Remove the oil filter and check for any oil leaks. Replace if necessary. A new oil filter for Kubota B1550 will be around a price range of $20 to $26.

Step 3: Check the o-rings, clean them properly with a dry cloth so that it is not that slippery, and put the oil filter in place again.

Step 4: Open the oil cap at the top and use a funnel on the oil cap to pour the new oil into the pump. Try starting your engine and if the sound persists, work on the wire mesh screen.

Step 5: Detach the battery and the battery tray.

Step 6: To access the wire mesh screen, remove the large bolt at the opening and move the bracket.

Step 7: Use a wire brush, compressed air, and petrol to clean the wire mesh screen thoroughly. You can replace it as well, it will cost around 18 bucks to replace the wire mesh screen.

Here is a video that shows how you can change the oil of a Kubota B1550 tractor:

Pro Tip: Use the Kubota 10W 30 synthetic blend engine oil. This is the most recommended one for lawn mowing.

3. Other Minor Issues of Kubota B1550 Compact Utility Tractor

There are, of course, other minor concerns as well, although they are not as frequent. This video will assist you in troubleshooting the other problems as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional queries and responses related to the Kubota 1550 lawn mower that might pop into your mind. 

Q. How long is the warranty of the Kubota B1550 lawn mower? 

A. For residential and non-commercial use, the warranty of a newly purchased Kubota B1550 is 2000 hours or 5 years, whatever comes first. However, your Kubota’s service hours warranty can be substantially expanded from 2000 hours to 3000 hours and even 5000 hours; once again, up to 5 years. 

You can avail of this offer only when you are purchasing a brand-new tractor and you will need to pay charges for the additional warranty. Also, keep in mind that only authorized dealers are permitted, so cross-check the authenticity of the dealers before buying. 

Q. What are the attachments available for the Kubota B1550 tractor? 

A. The Kubota B1550 utility tractor can be equipped with the following attachments:

  • Mid-mount mower 60 inches or 1,520 mm mower deck
  • Backhoe
  • Loader 
  • Snowblower
  • Rotary cutter, rotary tiller 
  • Auger
  • Landscape Rake and Landscape Trailer
  • Lawn Aerator 
  • Garden Bedder
  • Lawn Plugger
  • Tedders, Wrappers, Spreaders
  • Grapple 

Q. Where can I find the owner’s manual for the Kubota B1550 lawn tractor?

A. The Kubota B1550’s owner’s manual and service manual usually come with the tractor when you purchase it for the first time either in the form of a handbook or a downloadable PDF. However, if you are buying a second-hand tractor, the manual may not be included.

In such cases, you can contact a dealer to get the manual or even search for it on the Internet. Some sites give it away for free, whereas some require additional charges. 

Wrapping It Up

The multi-purpose Kubota B1550 lawn utility tractor will definitely ease up your lawn-mowing journey. In case you face any inconvenience with your machine, go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this guide and you will be good to go!

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