Kubota BX23S Problems: 5 Reported Issues Solved

The sub-compact tractor Kubota BX23S from Kubota’s BX Series is the ultimate weapon for mobility, reliability, and ease of use. Whether lawn mowing, gardening, or landscaping, you can put all your trust in the Kubota BX23S tractor. 

But here’s the catch: some users reported experiencing Kubota BX23S problems, including engine troubles like engine starting issues and abrupt engine shutdown. There are additional complications, including loss of hydraulic fluid, rough tires, hood opening trouble, etc. 

These are relatively common issues that are incredibly simple to resolve alone. You can use this blog as a guide to follow the procedures I’ve laid out to troubleshoot these Kubota BX23S flaws. 

What are the Problems of the Kubota BX23S Tractor?

Kubota BX23S Problems

The Kubota BX23S lawn tractor does perform incredibly well. But a lack of proper maintenance can be considered the most significant reason for any issues within the tractor. Of course, faulty mechanical or electrical components of the tractor also have a role in originating the problems. 

Let’s see what the major problems of the Kubota BX23S tractor-

  1. Engine starting issues
  2. Abrupt engine shutdown
  3. Loss of hydraulic fluid
  4. Rough tires 
  5. Hood opening problems 

How to Tackle the Most Common Kubota Bx23s Problems? 

Now that you know the problems, it is time for me to explain why these troubles come to this machine and how to resolve them. Simply adhere to the instructions that have been listed below.  

1. Difficulty in Starting the Engine: Clean/Replace the Fuel Filter 

If you notice that your engine struggles to start or fails to start at all, this could be a sign of a blocked fuel system or an issue with fuel flow. Fix this in the below simple steps.

Step 1: Inspect the fuel tank and fuel filter.

Step 2: Clean the fuel filter by spraying WD-40 or any lubricant on the nozzle of the filter and tap out the loosened debris.

Step 3:Tightly tie the fuel line coupler bolt to the nut on the fuel system.

Step 4: Drain out the fuel system to remove any water or air and change the fuel filter if necessary.

You can get a fuel filter maintenance kit for around $76. However, it will be wise to replace the fuel filter, especially if it is old. A fuel filter usually costs around $15. 

2. Abrupt Shutdown of the Engine: Clean/Replace the Fuel Pump

The abrupt power loss of the engine is the aftermath of fuel-related issues. The likely causes of an engine quitting unexpectedly include running out of fuel, polluted fuel, a malfunctioning fuel filter, or a fuel pump. 

You could try draining the old fuel and replacing it with new fuel. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, try replacing the fuel filter or the fuel pump. 

Step 1: Check the fuel gas cap and the tank under the seat.

Step 2: Pull the tank’s hose; if fuel begins to pour in the usual manner, the fuel tank is sound. 

Step 3: Empty all the fuel from the tank.

Pro Tip: Use a fuel tank cleaning to keep water from mixing with the fuel. Since the fuel tanks frequently lack compartments for incoming water and fuel, the water mixes with the fuel, polluting it and reducing its cleanliness. 

Step 4: Check the fuel filter under the seat beside the two units, clean it with a lubricant, and replace it if necessary. It will be somewhat $15.

Step 5: Remove the wiring harness around the fuel pump and pull out the two bolts near the pump. You can access the fuel pump next to the fuel tank. 

Step 6: Pull out the fuel pump hose by removing the clamps, and the fuel pump will come out. Then install a new fuel pump.

You can get a brand new fuel pump for Kubota BX23S only with a budget of 53 bucks.

3. Loss of Hydraulic Fluid: Clean the Seal 

Hydraulic fluid loss is another problem you might face with your Kubota BX23S tractor. This causes whenever there is any leakage or gap within the fuel delivery lines. A leak can show up whenever any part of the fuel delivery system has a hole in it. If that happens, you must call your dealer. 

The gap happens when the fuel delivery system, especially the seal, is wrapped with dirt or weeds. This makes the seal pop the nut out, causing a gap. See the procedures listed below to correct this error: 

Step 1: Remove the front tire. Simply open the tire with clamps, a torque, a wrench, and other necessary tools to reveal the shaft.

Step 2: Examine the O-ring on the shaft’s end.

Step 3: Clear the area around the seal of all debris using a clean, dry cloth and fill it up with fluid. 

Step 4: You can also spray soapy water and lubricant all over for safety. 

4. Rough Tires: Put Patches 

Putting a patch on the tires can cause a swift transition from rough to smooth tires. 

Step 1: Remove all the bolts/nuts from the tire, deflate it, and spray it with soapy water.

Step 2: Use clamps to help break the tire’s bead on both sides.

Step 3: Lift the tire over the rim by placing an iron in its center.

Step 4: Wash the rim and tire and apply the patches to the tire’s interior.

Step 5: Fully reinstall the rims on the tire.

Step 6: Inflate the tire and reinstall it.

Here is a helpful video on Kubota BX23S tire repair:

5. Difficulty in Opening the Hood: Use Lubricant or Loctite

The tractor’s lever is so stiff that opening the hood is challenging. However, I’ve got you covered with these actions:  

Step 1: Lift the hood up; you can see the latch that moves the lever up or down.

Step 2: Lubricate the bolt and nut with a spray before wiping it off with a dry towel.

Step 3: Use a wrench and ratchet to loosen the bolt slightly. Don’t make it too tight or too loose. If necessary, apply additional lubrication and Loctite.

The use of lubricant is to degrease the bolts, and it prevents them from rusting. Whereas, bolts and nuts are shielded from vibration-induced loss by Loctite. 

You can get more detailed information to solve the hood opening problem of the Kubota BX23S  by watching this video-

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the specifications of the Kubota BX23S tractor?

A. Some of the salient features and specifications of the Kubota BX23S mower are- 

Engine typeD902 Liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel
Engine power21.6Hp/16.1kW
Battery 12V, CCA:560A, RC:86 min
PTO power17.7HP (13.2 kW)
Fuel typeDiesel 
Fuel tank capacity 6.6gals/25L
Weight 1570lb (712kg)
Height 2190mm/ 6.2inches 
Length 2210mm/87 inches  
Width 1145mm/45.1inches 
Hydraulic Pump capacity23.5L/min, 6.2 gals/min

Q. What is the lifting capacity of the Kubota BX23S lawn tractor? 

A. The Kubota BX23S can lift around 745 lbs of weight.  

Q. How much does the Kubota BX23S lawn mower cost? 

A. The cost of the new Kubota BX23S is about $25,080 USD.

Q. What attachments does the Kubota BX23S provide as standard?

A. The Kubota BX23S has two attachments- a Swift-Tach loader and a backhoe. One advantage it gives to the users is that it allows the removal of the loader without having to get down from the tractor. Also, you can unplug the hydraulic connections without any special tools.

Wrapping It Up 

It may appear that the Kubota BX23S tractor faces some challenges, but then again, nothing around us is absolutely flawless. The tractor is an absolute banger, and needs a bit of servicing periodically to steer clear of the potential problems with the tractor. 

When you run across a problem with your Kubota, try to find the source of the issue first. Once you figure it out, you must refer to this step-by-step troubleshooting guide, and run your Kubota BX23S tractor as if nothing happened.  

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