4 Common John Deere LA175 Problems With Solutions

John Deere LA175 is a popular 100 series lawn tractor having a 26 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. The malfunctioning of the parts may create a few troubles sometimes.

Some of the common John Deere LA175 problems are starting troubles, steering problems, hydrostatic transaxle issues, and a few more. However, you can fix these by doing some quick checks and replacing the faulty parts. If the issue is minor, you can rebuild the parts for free or at a poor cost, but for major troubles, you may spend a hefty amount.

To help you out, this blog will discuss the troubleshooting of the John Deere LA175 garden tractor issues with rebuild cost. Let’s move on!

4 Most Common Issues of John Deere LA175 Lawn Tractor

John Deere LA175 Problems

John Deere LA175 2008-2010 riding tractor is a good choice for mowing turf in your garden. However, problems may arise anytime there due to malfunction of the parts, incorrect use of the equipment, or some other reasons.

Several of the troubles of JD LA175 that users may face commonly are-

  1. Starting Problem
  2. Hydrostatic transaxle
  3. Steering problem
  4. Gas tank leakage

Troubleshooting John Deere LA175 Problems

After knowing the problems, you may wonder how to fix the LA175 John Deere tractor. Well, in most cases, you can fix them at home. But if the problems are severe, you may take help from a mechanic. Let’s know how to troubleshoot John Deere LA175 2008-2010 lawn tractor.

1. Starting Problem: Clean the Cables or Replace the Battery

If the LA175 JD tractor is old enough, you may face this issue. There might be several culprits behind this like battery problems, valve issues, etc. The solve the trouble, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Disconnect the ground, and starter battery cables first. Then clean them well and reconnect them. Cable connections or corrosion may be a prime reason why the engine might refuse to start.

Again, do the same for negative cables. In most cases, these cleaning and reconnecting the cables will fix the issue.

Step 2: If you still encounter John Deere LA175 starting problem, now test the battery. A good battery reading will be around 12V. You can test the battery at any auto parts store for free. The battery may be bad for damp weather like winter. Replace the bad battery if necessary.

The replacement battery of the LA175 John Deere Garden tractor is available at 60 to 100 bucks on average.

2. Hydrostatic Transaxle: Change the Transmission

If you use John Deere LA175 on the slopes or hills you may encounter hydrostatic transaxle issues. This is because of the weak hydrostatic transaxle.

For this reason, some people claim that this model of John Deere is made for flat lawns but the manufacturer doesn’t agree with that. To rebuild it, do the following things.

Step 1: If you are lucky, you may fix the trouble by replacing the bushings or spindles.

Step 2: In case the hydrostatic transaxle is bad, replace it with a new one.

The cost to replace the hydrostatic transaxle is almost 1000 bucks. But John Deere should initiate recalling transmission.

3. Steering Problem: Rebuild the Faulty Part

The steering gear or linkage may be bent or damaged which could cause steering trouble in the JD LA175. If the steering gear is broken and you try to turn the steering left or right, the pinion will strip out or sit there.

In this condition, you can fix it by following the steps below.

Step 1: Check the steering gear and linkage to figure out any issue there. If it wears out, replace it.

Step 2: Then inspect the hydrostat drive bolts. Usually, they crack over time. To replace the hydrostat drive bolts, you need to pull the steering shaft. You may also lose the Pto clutch tabs to remove the belt.

Step 3: Check the worn bushings and draglink. Draglink connects the right wheel with the left one. If bushings and draglink are damaged, rebuild them.

You can fix the steering issue of the JD LA175 by yourself or take it to the mechanic. If you see any bend parts, make them straight to let the steering works smoothly. On the other hand, replace the damaged parts of the steering gear or linkage.

Depending on the parts that you need to replace, the cost will vary. For example, the cost of the steering gear is around $30 to $50, whereas bushing is available below $10.

The following video shows how to troubleshoot John Deere LA175 steering problems.

4. Gas Tank Leakage: Repair or Replace the Tank

Sometimes the gas tank of the JD LA175 might be leaked. A few users complain this happens due to the poor design of the tank. The top of the transaxle fan is very close to the tank which may hit the bottom of the plastic gas tank and could create holes there.

Follow the steps to fix the gas tank leak of your LA175 JD lawn mower.

Step 1: If the hole is small enough an experienced mechanic will help you to patch the gas tank.

Step 2: For large holes, you have to change the tank.

The replacement gas tank of the JD LA175 is around 100 bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have more questions regarding JD LA175. Here are some of them with answers.

Q. What are John Deere LA175 specs?

A. Some of the key specifications of the LA175 John Deere engine are-

Engine Model and power
Briggs & Stratton gasoline 2 cylinder, 26HP
Weight579 lbs or 262 kg
Wheelbase  48.9 inches or 124 cm
Cylinders 2
Starter volts12V
Front tire dimensions16×6.5-8
Rear tire dimensions22×9.5-12

Q. How much is the John Deere LA175 price?

A. The new John Deere LA175 is available at 2000 to 2500 bucks, whereas the used ones are found below 1000 and even 500 bucks.

Q. How long does JD LA175 last?

A. The 100 series John Deere LA175 may last at least 4000 hours, and even it could survive up to 10000 hours.

Q. What are the different John Deere LA175 attachments?

A. The attachments of JD LA175 include the 54-inch mower deck, blade, and snowblower.

Wrap Up

Sometimes, JD LA175 could create noise as a signal of upcoming trouble. But, regular inspections will help you diagnose the problems before it goes beyond the limit.

If you face any John Deere LA175 problems mentioned above, diagnose the culprits soon. Repairing the faulty parts in the earlier stage will save you pennies.

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