John Deere 190C Problems + Troubleshooting

The 25hp 190C John Deere is a perfect riding lawn tractor to accomplish big yards in one go. However, you might experience a few unexpected issues sometimes while using it. Have you ever encountered any John Deere 190C problems?

Some of the common issues of the 190C JD are engine troubles, transmission problems, power issues, battery problems, etc. But, you can fix these troubles by repairing or replacing the faulty parts. For this, you have to diagnose the culprit first.

Today I come to help you out to troubleshoot the issues of the 190C John Deere lawn mower with their rebuild cost. Before that, let’s know the specifications of the JD 190C.

John Deere 190C Specs

Here are some key specifications of 190C John Deere- 

EngineBriggs & Stratton gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled
Power25 hp 18.6 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.0 liters (2.1 US gal; 1.8 Imp. gal)
Weight579 lbs
Mid PTOElectric
TypeBelt-driven Hydrostatic
GearsInfinite Forward and Reverse
Battery Volts12V
Mower Deck54 inch

What are Common Issues of John Deere 190C Lawn Tractor?

John Deere 190C Problems

This 190C John Deere is a top-performing lawn tractor. But, still, you may face some common problems, due to malfunctions of mechanical or electrical parts, bad maintenance, engine troubles, accidents, and several other reasons. 

Some common troubles you may encounter while using a John Deere 190C lawn mower. 

  1. Engine issues
  2. Hydrostatic transmission problems
  3. Consume too much fuel
  4. Power loss
  5. Unchargeable battery

How to Fix John Deere 190C Problems?

So, which problems match your 190C John Deere lawn tractor? Let’s discuss about the solutions to these troubles.

1. Engine Issue

As a user of the 190C John Deere lawn tractor you may face engine issues like starting problems. Sometimes it seems too hard to start the Briggs and Stratton engine. 

You might face engine troubles due to overheating issues, an empty tank, using low-grade fuel, a defective spark plug, a clogged or dirty fuel system, etc. 

Now let’s check out how you can fix these problems. 

Step 1: JD 190C Briggs and Stratton engine might face overheating issues due to excessive loads, low levels of oil or imperfect engine oil viscosity, and clogging into the air intake screen.

Step 2: Checking the oil level and fuel pressure can also help you to maintain this issue. If the tank is empty then you’ll need to fill the tank with gasoline.

Step 3: Reduce the excessive loads from your lawn tractor. 

Step 4: When you face a problem with the starting of the engine you can test the spark, and change the spark or switch if required. 

Step 5: If you see any dirt on the fuel line, clean those clogged components immediately. For cleaning those clogs you may require a wire brush which I assume is available in your home already.

The cost of a JD 190C spark plug is around $25. If you need to fill fuel, the current price is around $3.5 per gallon.

2. Hydrostatic Transmission Problems

Sometimes you can face these noise problems with your John Deere 190C lawn tractor. It can create noise from the Hydrostatic transmission.

If you are facing these transmission problems you can fix them at home spending some time. Let’s find out the solutions to this issue.

Step 1: You can individually change each wheel’s speed so that only one wheel rotates, which is useful when utilizing tools like plows or blades.

Step 2: Change your hydraulic drive system with a purge if required. 

Step 3: You must check the entire system once you have totally ruled out the chance that the issue is with the engine. Checking for damage on all internal components should be done first. So, replace any broken components as quickly as feasible.

Changing a hydraulic drive may require a heavy amount of $440. But it will be worth changing rather than leaving the tractor unattended. 

The following video shows how to troubleshoot JD 190C hydraulic issues.

3. Consume Too Much Fuel

Some users faced excessive oil consumption with this machine. It might be brought on by an inadequate choke opening and improper carburetor adjustment. 

Here, you can solve these issues by following these recommendations. 

Step 1: By replacing the throttle cable you can fix the issue most of the time. 

Step 2: Checking and adjusting the carburetor of this machine may also help to solve this issue.

The throttle cable cost around 20 bucks.

4. Power Loss

190C John Deere lawn tractor might face power loss issues for many reasons. Such as engine overheating, using excess engine oil, and faulty fuel pumps. 

Now let’s see the recommendations for solving these issues.

Step 1: Use a plug clean the air cleaner element to avoid overheating issues.

Step 2: If the fuel pump is bad, repair or replace it. This’ll also help to reduce power loss. 

The air cleaner plug is available for around 40 to 100 bucks.

5. Unchargeable Battery

Some users might face battery issues thus it won’t charge well. Dead cells in the battery and dirty terminals and cables can cause this problem. 

How to deal with this issue? Let’s have it.

Step 1: Corroded cables of the battery may hinder charging the battery. You need to clean the cables and their nodes. Don’t delay changing the cables if they are bad. 

Step 2: Alternately, the battery might be dead. You can check it for free by taking it to any mechanic shop. 

It may cost around $70 to $100 for changing a JD 190C battery. Also, keep in mind the charge of the professional. The cables of the battery are available for 20 to 40 bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know the different issues and solutions to the John Deere 190C lawn tractor. If you still have some questions left, here we’re trying to gather some of those. 

Q. How many quarts of oil does a John Deere 190C take?

A. The oil capacity of the 190C John Deere lawn tractor is 1.9 qts 1.8 L. 

Q. How long does the 190C John Deere tractor battery last?

A. JD 190C battery serves around 1000 hours if it’s maintained properly.

Q. Why does my John Deere 190C keep dying?

A. It’s generally the engine overheating that takes the engine to sleep mode in every hour of work. With time the time frame may come downwards which will eventually give you 20 to 30 minutes to work and then you have to let the tractor cool down to work further.

Q. How often should you change the John Deere 190C oil filter?

A. It’s recommended to change the oil filter every 50 hours of use it.


Repair or replace the broken parts as quickly as possible if you experience any John Deere 190C problems. Just follow the instructions mentioned above properly. Also, check the repair manual.

And the key thing is to JD 190C machine regularly. This’ll make it easier to find out the troubles before any major faults. In this way, you can solve these issues without spending too much. 

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  1. Since AgPro (John Deere) retail store cannot help me in solving the issue of front tires coming off while mowing, I thought I would ask you.

    I have a 2006 John Deere 190C mower. I have replaced the wheels that should hold the bushings which almost worked mowing a 3 acre lawn. Then coming down a short hill the wheel came off losing the washer and snap ring. I also noticed my tires are not perfectly in line.

    What is your recommendation?


    • Hey Ed Southeard. Thank you for your query. Here are some things that you should check first-
      i. is the bushing alright
      ii. check the bearing
      iii. is the spindle good
      iv. level the deck mount

      Please update me. If needed, please mail me at lawntractorfixed @ with necessary videos and pics. I will be happy to solve your issue.

      • I hate the starting system on my 190-C John Deere. It’s a 2006 model I think, anyway I hate how you have to depress the break to engage the starter. I would like to bypass this altogether. Any suggestions? And don’t tell me not to do it. I have removed the mower deck and am tossing it, it’s no good. I just want to use my old mower to pull around a small trailor.


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