4 Common John Deere X739 Problems + Quick Solutions

The 4-wheeler John Deere X739 lawn tractor is an excellent fit to take care of your lawn. However, occasionally it runs into unwanted difficulties. Have you ever faced any John Deere X739 problems?

Autoconnect issues, mower slippage, engine overheating, and a few more troubles may challenge your JD X739 machine and could ruin your perfect day. It’s really infuriating to be greeted by such uninvited guests when you are about to start work. So, solving these problems are musts.

Here’s where I step in to help you escape this tight spot. In this article, I’ll go over every major issues of the X700 series JD X739 riding mower along with the reasons and fixes!

Specifications of John Deere X739 Mower

Prior to going to the troubleshooting part, you should acquaint yourself with some key specs of the John Deere X739, which will help you understand the strength of the tractor.  

Features Description
Engine Power19 KW
Battery 12V 340 CCA
Power Source Gasoline
Fuel Delivery SystemElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Height54.4 in (1384 mm)
Length 75 in (1905 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.2. U.S. gal (19.7 L)
Engine Cooling MethodLiquid 
Lift System TypeTwo-function hydraulic 
Drive SystemHydrostatic drive
Transmission Commercial hydrostatic 

What are the Most Common Issues with John Deere X739 Machine? 

John Deere X739 Problems

Since you are halfway down the article, we now know you must have experienced at least some issues while operating your John Deere X739 tractor. This happens mainly when your tractor develops a fault in it, either due to faulty engines, setup problems, or even poor maintenance.

Some of the common problems that the users have reported about X739 John Deere are listed below- 

  1. Autoconnect problem
  2. Mower slippage
  3. Engine overheating
  4. Uneven grass cutting

How can John Deere X739 Problems be fixed?

Now that you know who the bad guy is, why not discuss the reasons and the solutions so that you can resolve them on your own without the help of a professional.

1. Autoconnect Problem: Tighten Autoconnect Bolts and Set Screws/ Grease Bolts

    Autoconnect with whining noise is probably the most vexing thing customers have come across to their X739 John Deere lawn tractor. Loosely attached auto-connect bolts result in a squeaking sound that is definitely a pain in the ear drums.  

    If this matches your concern, then look into the simple steps to diagnose it.

    Step 1: Remove the deck and check all the autoconnect bolts. Tighten them up rightly. 

    Step 2: Check the 2 set screws that are on the male connector on the deck of the lawn mower. 

    The auto-connect bolts and set screw holds and secures the parts of the lawn mower together in a place by pressure or friction when these parts collide within or against another object. A sound is generated whenever there is any gap.

    Step 3: If the autoconnect bolt or set screws are tightly bound to each other, then put grease on the bolts or screws.

    The video below shows how to fix X739 John Deere autoconnect problem.

    2. Mower Slippage: Replace the Mower Belt/ Clean the Pulley/ Check Belt Tension

      Another most frequent issues with the John Deere X739 is the slipping of the mower belt. Such kind of belt slipping occurs mainly because of three reasons: debris in the sheave or pulley of the mower, damaged or worn out drive belt, and, or lack of tension on the belt. 

      Fix all these problems like a pro in just a few steps-

      Step 1: Check your mower deck and open the pulley or sheave 

      Step 2: Take out the sheave from the mower, then scrape it with a clean brush. Make sure there isn’t any debris or dirt left on the pulley

      Step 3: Place the clean pulley back on the mower again.

      Step 4: If it is still slipping, check your mower belt. Slippage occurs when is mower belt is worn out. In that case, replace the worn-out mower belt with a new one.

      If you notice the issue is still not fixed, then the issue is somewhere else. Proceed to the following action. 

      Step 5: Check if the belt is tightly tied up. Lack of tension on the mower belt means the belt is loosely fitted causing slippage. If that’s the case, adjust the tension by tightly tying it up. It should be adequately snug to prevent gaps but not too tight to put unnecessary pressure on the wearer.

      John Deere X739 mower belt replacement is available and it cost around 25 bucks.

      3. Engine Overheating: Reduce Engine Load/ Clean the Cooling Fan/ Adjust Oil Level/ Use Good Quality Oil 

      Overheating is by far a common concern, be it your phone, your car to even your lawn mower, you will face this for sure. If this happens, you usually give these some time to rest. Yes, that will lessen the heating but that isn’t the ultimate solution. 

      To troubleshoot the JD X739 overheating, you need to know what the contributory factors are- excessive load on the object, a blockage in the cooling fans of the machine, old or poor quality engine oil, and low oil level. 

      Step 1: Avoid using the lawn mower for a longer time. Give it some time to rest!

      Step 2: Take out the cooling fan, Clear away any scraps on the air inlet. First, use a wet clean cloth to soak the dirt, then use a new cloth to dry it off.

      Step 3: Check and modify the oil level as necessary.

      Step 4: Replace the oil with a good-quality oil.

      1 qt JD X739 oil prices around 10 bucks.

      4. Uneven Grass Cutting: Clean the Cutting Deck/ Fix Blades/ Adjust Deck Height

      Uneven grass cutting on John Deere X739 mower may arise on four different reasons: clogged cutting deck, dull cutting blade, uneven deck height, or speed. Which one is currently making you go crazy? Let’s get to the solution step by step.  

      Step 1: Open the cutting deck and check if it’s jammed with any sediments. If yes, clean out all the dirt.

      Step 2: Inspect the mower’s baggage as well. It too needs to be emptied if overfilled with debris

      Step 3: Sharpen the cutting blade. Dull blades are usually sharpened either by using the flat file method or by using a bench grinder or blade sharpening drill. These, however, require professional assistance and it is not recommended if you are a beginner. 

      Just change the blade. Given that you have already done it before, do wear protective goggles, gloves, and earplugs!

      Step 4: Adjust the deck height. Level the deck with the blade. Use a gauge to measure and wrench to adjust deck retaining nuts. 

      Step 5: When your deck is level from left to right, turn both blades front to back and set the front of the deck to your preferred height by measuring the front bottom tips of the blades.

      Step 6: Measure the blade tips to the back of the deck while keeping the deck in the same position.

      Step 7: Use the mower at a slower speed to see if that helps if your problem still isn’t fixed. And call a professional for further help.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      By now, I believe you should be well aware of the challenges and the possible troubleshooting to John Deere X739, however, you still might have more inquiries regarding this machine. I also attempt to answer those questions as well. 

      Q. What is the price of John Deere X739?

      A. X700 series JD X739 costs around USD 16,000, but its original price was USD 11,719 (2018) and USD 12,119 (2019).

      Q. How long can I use my John Deere X739 tractor? 

      A. The warranty of this lawn mower depends on either the year or the hours used. It is basically four years or 700 hours bumper-to-bumper, regardless of what comes first.

      Q. What is the weight of the John Deere X739?

      A. It weighs around 469 kg or 1,034 lbs without fuel or any additional accessories. 

      Q. How many sizes are available for the mower deck for the JD X739 tractor?

      A. It comes in three different mower deck sizes- 48 inches, 54 inches, and 60 inches. 

      Final Thoughts

      Like other machines, John Deere X700 series X739 riding mower doesn’t last forever. Issues may arise anytime, especially when the machine gets older.

      After noticing John Deere X739 problems try to diagnose the culprit first. Then take proper steps as mentioned above. Hopefully, you can fix these alone. And if you need more help contact dealer or call for professional help.

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