John Deere Z740R Problems and Troubleshooting

John Deere Z740r Ztrak zero turn mower is a handy commercial mower for smooth and fast mowing. Moreover, if there are Tweels, it will improve the quality of the cut by reducing bumping and jarring the machine. But issues may arise on this riding mower like other models.

What are the John Deere Z740R problems? Deck issues, engine troubles, etc, are some of the most common things oo this machine to be concerned with. However, proper care may lessen these difficulties greatly. And if the issues occur, you can fix them yourself. But keep in mind, replacing the faulty parts too.

The following sections will highlight the troubleshooting of the JD Ztrak Z740R riding mower. Let’s start with the specifications of this machine.

John Deere Z740R Specs

Several key specifications of the JD Z740R Ztrak zero-turn mower are-

  • Engine power: 23.5 hp (17.5 kW)
  • Forward speed: 0-10 mph (0-16.1 km/h)
  • Reverse speed: 0-4.5 mph (0-7.2 km/h)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8 U.S. gal (30.2 L)
  • Wheelbase: 49.9 in (126.7 cm)
  • Cylinders: V-twin

The weight of the machine varies depending upon the deck size and accessories such as-

  • With Tweel option, mower, and fuel, 54 HC: 1046 lb (474 kg)
  • With Tweel option, mower, and fuel, 60 HC: 1076 lb (488 kg)
  • With mower and fuel, 48 HC: 995 lb (451 kg)
  • With mower and fuel, 54 HC: 1,010 lb (458 kg)
  • With mower and fuel, 60 HC: 1,040 lb (472 kg)

The video below explains some features of the Z740R John Deere mower

Solutions to John Deere Z740R Problems

Whether you own a Ztrak John Deere Z740R mower or want to purchase a used one you may see some problems there. And it’s important to fix these before you go for the next mowing.

Some of the common troubles of the Z700 series Ztrak John Deere Z740R riding mower are-

  • Mower deck and blades issues
  • Engine stalling

So, why are you waiting for? Read the tips to fix these difficulties.

John Deere Z740R Problems

1. Engine Stalling: Replace the Faulty Part

Do you experience engine stalling difficulties with the Z740R John Deere riding mower? Let’s reveal why this happens and how to fix it.

Step 1: In most cases, a dirty or bad fuel filter is the culprit behind this engine start and stop issues. Clean the fuel filter and have a try. If the fuel filter is worn, change it for easy fixing.

Step 2: Sometimes starter solenoids could cause such inconvenience. Replace the solenoid if needed.

Step 3: If the engine dies after running the machine for several minutes, it’s a symptom that the fuel tank isn’t venting properly. So, remove the clogging of the fuel tank using a wire brush.

Step 4: Check the carburetor as the problem may occur due to malfunction of this part. If needed, change it.

Step 5: Fuel lacking or bad-grade fuel may also create the issue. So, be sure the fuel tank has the proper amount of right fuel.

Depending upon the damaged parts, you may pay for that. See the following table to get a cost idea to solve John Deere Z740R stalling issues.

JD Z740R Parts NameAverage Price (in Dollars)
Fuel filter10
Starter solenoids15
Carburetor20 to 50

2. Mower Deck and Blades Issues: Level the Deck and Sharpen the Blades

Some owners of JD Z740R Ztrak complain about that. A few of them say, the mower decks disengaged while others report about the design and quality of the deck. Here are the troubleshooting tips.

Step 1: Turn off the engine and inspect closely the deck and blades of the machine. The damage or bend of any blade of the mower requires replacing the full set of blades. If you find the blades dull, sharpen them for perfect mowing.

Step 2: Each machine comes with a gauge to check the level of the deck. When the mower deck is unleveled, make it properly level by tightening or loosening the deck retaining nuts using the wrench. Be sure each tire has the correct pressure before leveling the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more queries about John Deere Z740R? Maybe, yes. For you, here are some questions and answers.

Q. How much is John Deere Z740R?

A. The original John Deere Z740R price was $8,549 in 2021. But the second-hand ones are available on sale at the lower range.

Q. How fast can the John Deere Z740R Ztrak mow an acre?

A. It may mow almost 3 acres yards in 1 hour.

Q. How many hours before the oil change on the Z740R JD riding mower?

A. It is recommended to change JDZ740R oil every 50 hours.

Q. Are John Deere Z740R accessories available?

A. Yes, the replacement parts and accessories of the Z740R John Deere are available online.

Final Thoughts

John Deere Z740R is a top-performer commercial lawn mower. However, you may face a few complications with this machine sometimes. But they are easy to fix, and most likely you can do these at home.

Whenever you notice any problem with the JD Z740R diagnose and troubleshoot this as soon as possible before it gets propagated. With these take proper care of this machine for long-lasting use.

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