5 Problems of John Deere X310 and Their Quick Fixes  

The John Deere X310 lawn mower is undoubtedly a fan favorite among mower users. However, we cannot disregard the fact that no mower is perfectly perfect. Although it has a heavy-duty build quality, the mower can show some signs of distress. 

The most common John Deere X310 problems are- rough engine idle, slipping mower decks, engine misfiring, etc. Your X310 tractor may encounter these issues sometimes, but you can fix these with simple tricks. And if your mower is running well, you should care it more to avoid such worst-case scenarios.

This article will help you diagnose any issues with your X300 series JD X310 tractor and provide you with all the possible solutions for tackling them. I’m here to help you navigate the procedure.

John Deere X310 Specs

Before we get started, let me familiarize you with a few of the key specifications of the John Deere X310 lawn mower. 

  • Engine: 18.5HP Kawasaki V-Twin Engine
  • Battery: 12V
  • Displacement: 603 cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 12.5 L or 3.3 US gal.
  • Overall dimension: length- 72 inches, width- 53 inches, height- 43 inches
  • Cooling System: Air Cooled 
  • Fuel Delivery System: Carburetor 
  • Starting System: Electric key system 

Troubleshooting the Most Frequent John Deere X310 Problems

Here I have listed a few of the most recurrent issues faced by X300 series John Deere X310 lawn mower owners over the years. If you are one of them and want to work the bugs out of it, then go through these simple steps and do it all by yourself! 

SerialJD X310 ProblemsSolutions 
1Rough engine idleFix the carburetor, check and fix the spark plug 
2Mower deck keeps fallingTighten all the bolts/screws on both sides
3Engine not working or misfiring under load Fix the ignition coil and spark plug
4Excessive fuel consumption Adjust the carburetor/ Replace the choke cable 
5Engine overheating Clean the cooling fan on the top of the engine 

1. Rough Running of the Engine/ No Idle from the Engine 

John Deere X310 Problems

    Rough engine idle is a sign that your engine has some issues. The mower will typically shake and bounce when it is idle. Additionally, you can hear squawking noises and see fluctuating RPM counts. 

    This happens mainly because of the carburetor. Other possible reasons may be faulty spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, blocked cooling system. This surely will hamper your sanity. In such cases, you can follow these few steps and keep yourself calm. 

    Step 1: Open the carburetor. Remove it and clean it properly. Replace the ignition module in the carburetor if required.

    Step 2: Open the spark plug and replace any damaged spark.

    Step 3: Check the fuel pipes and fuel injectors, if clogged or dirty, then clean them.

    Step 4: Fix and adjust the choke cables properly.

    Step 5: Drain all of the fuel out of the tank, change the fuel filter if necessary.

    Replacement of the ignition module in the carburetor will cost you around $50 to $100, and the spark plug will cost you between $15 to $30. 

    2. Mower Deck Keeps Falling

    Imagine, a dragging mower deck while you operate a tractor. This is something you definitely don’t want. This can become a reality if you do not maintain it properly. Save yourself from this and follow the steps to avoid such a scenario. 

    Step 1: Place the tractor on a stable, level surface.

    Step 2: Pop up the plastic cover at the lower end of the mower to allow your blade lift handle to fully descend.

    Step 3: Loosen the 2 large wing nuts, one on each side of the mower deck’s front lift arms.

    Step 4: Remount the mower deck and adjust to your preferred position. 

    Step 5: Tighten the 2 large wing nuts.

    Step 6: Open the mower deck and tighten all the springs/ screws together.

    Step 7: Firmly tighten the bar attached to the mowing deck at the back.

    Step 8: Tighten the adjustment bar that helps to raise and lower the bar accordingly. 

    You can tighten all the parts together using the Allen wrench, which will come with your tractor along with other attachments. Even if you do not find the Allen wrench with your mower, you can buy it online. It costs around 15 USD. 

    Check out this video for troubleshooting the John Deere X310 mower deck dragging issue:

    3. Engine Not Working or Misfiring Under Load

    Abrupt stalling of the engine, engine backfiring, and sputtering after start are common problems when the engine is under load. Of course, giving it some time to rest is a solution. However, here’s another thing you could do. 

    Step 1: Check and adjust the carburetor along with the ignition coil.

    Step 2: Fix the spark plugs.

    Step 3: Fix and adjust the choke cables.

    Step 4: Make sure no engine valves are sticking out.

    Step 5: If needed, change the fuel filters as old fuel can also cause engine misfiring.

    The fuel filter of the JD X310 is available on average 10 bucks.

    4. Excessive Fuel Consumption

    Fuel price hikes tremendously and overconsumption of fuel can definitely surge your expenses. If you notice your X310 John Deere tractor is taking up more fuel than necessary, then there is definitely a problem. 

    The culprit could be the sensor in the fuel pump of your tractor, or the carburetor. For evaluation, follow the steps. 

    Step 1: Open the carburetor and adjust the readings as necessary.

    Step 2: Check the choke opening and check if the opening is sufficient enough.

    Step 3: If the opening is not big, then change the choke cable.

    Step 4: Test and change the throttle cable if needed.

    Step 5: Change the sensor in the fuel pump.

    John Deere X310 throttle choke cable is found around 85 bucks, and fuel pump on 20 bucks.

    5. Engine Overheating 

    The biggest reason behind engine overheating is either excessive engine load or a clogged cooling fan located right on the top of the engine. When an engine is overheated, it often becomes a matter of concern for the people, and it is for a good reason. 

    Extreme overheating can potentially lead to fire risks. Want to know how to deal with engine overheating conditions? Go through the steps. 

    Step 1: Reduce the engine load. Allow it time to relax!

    Step 2: Take out the coolant and search for any signs of coolant leaks.

    Step 3: Pump up the pressure gauge and check the engine oil pressure2  

    Step 4: Drain any air from the cooling system and clean the cooling fan with a soaked-up, damp, wet towel, and then rinse it with a dry cloth.

    Step 5: Look for any electrical problem.

    Step 6: Search for a combustion leak.

    Step 7: If all looks good, change the oil as it may be due to the engine oil viscosity.

    You can easily buy the John Deere X310 oil change kit and all the necessary accessories required associated with the replacement. The different products are going to cost you around $25 to even $100 depending on what you want. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have more queries regarding JD X300 series X310 lawn tractor? Here are several questions and answers.

    Q. What is the price of a John Deere X310 lawn mower?

    A. Initially, the price was $4,000 when it was first released into the market back in 2012, but now it varies and is within the range of $2,900 to $3,900. 

    Q. How long is the warranty on the JD X310 tractor?

    The riding mower comes with an engine warranty and a residential warranty, both of 4 years. However, an extended warranty is available, although that is not readily available. 

    Q. How heavy is the John Deere X310 mower?

    A. It weighs around 576 lbs., or 232 kg. 

    Q. How often should I change the oil of the John Deere X310?

    A. It is recommended to change the oil and filter after every 250 hours. 

    Final Thoughts

    Of course, the John Deere X300 series X310 lawn mower has an expiration date much like other mowers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will give up on your prized possession. 

    If you encounter difficulties with your mower, try to identify the root cause and follow the above-mentioned instructions and you will be good to go. However, even if that doesn’t ease your worries, do contact a professional or dealer. 

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