6 Common John Deere X350 Problems SOLVED!!

The John Deere X350 not only offers lawn mowing service, but it also offers snow plowing and snow plowing service. Owing to its versatility, this John Deere X300 series tractor is the absolute one for your lawn. 

It does, however, have several shortcomings. Some of the common John Deere X350 problems include- engine head start troubles, electrical issues associated with a bad battery or loose cable terminals, bagger system difficulties, black fuel smoke, and so on. However, some simple tricks may fix these malfunctions easily.

The most commonly encountered issues with the x350 are covered in this article, along with ideas for fixing them.

John Deere X350 Problems and Solutions 

After studying many reviews, forums, discussions, and surveys, I am here with all the possible JD X350 problems users can face and of course with all the techniques that could help you get rid of your nightmare! Check these out in the section below: 

Serial noJohn Deere X350 ProblemsPossible Solutions 
1Engine problemsReplace the carburetor/ ignition switch/ ignition coil/ fuel pump
2Bad battery or loose terminals Replace the battery and check the electrical connection 
3Poor bagging performance Clean the chute and under deck 
4Black fuel smoke Clean and fix the air filter 
5Issues of steep land runningOperate the mower below 15° 
6Seat may wear and tearReplace it/ use duct tape

1. Bad Battery or Loose Terminals 

John Deere X350 Problems

Problems with engine batteries and electrical components are two of the unique problems you can come across with your JD X350 mower. No worries, I have got your back. Check out the steps

Step 1: Use a voltmeter to check if the battery is perfectly operational. The reading on the voltmeter should be around 12.7 V. If it’s less than that, install a new one.

Step 2: Make sure that the positive and negative battery terminals are connected well and that the connectors are not worn out

Step 3: Clean the terminals to avoid any corrosion. Make a solution with 2 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and mix them well. Take a wire brush and dip it into the solution of water and baking soda and clean the terminals with the brush

Step 4:  Use an ohm meter to inspect the charging system. The additional electrical attachments like stator or alternator may malfunction and result in charging problems. Replace these accessories if they are faulty 

JD X350 battery replacement will be around $60 and stator alternator replacement will be around $70. 

2. Poor Bagging Performance 

Although the JD X350 tractor has a rear bagging system, a clogged chute is the most typical issue with baggers. This prevents you from cutting the grass properly and slows down your mower. Sometimes you may also see that the leaves are blowing off the deck instead of being drawn inside into the bagger. What a hassle! 

In order to troubleshoot this problem, you need a clean under-deck system and chute system. The cleaning processes are very simple and are as follows:

Step 1: Take out the bagger of the mower.

Step 2: Detach the clippings from the chute and remove the chute from the system.

Step 3: Use a rod or rake handle to evacuate any debris on the bottom part.

Step 4: Make a soapy solution of water and dish washing detergent and submerge the chute into the solution.

Step 5: Soak the chute into the water for a few hours, better to keep it soaked for 48 to 72 hours.

Step 6: Use a utility brush to scrub the chute’s interior until it is spotless.

Step 7: You can also a sanding block to give the chute a fine finish, not necessary though. 

Step 8: Spray a lubricant inside and outside the chute to smoothen it up.

Step 9: Insert the chute into the system. Replace the chute or bagger if necessary. 

Step 10: To clean the under-deck system, attach a hose to the underdeck. 

Step 11: Turn the pressure of the water to high.

Step 12: Run the mower with the blades going in full swing, this will clean out the underdeck.

Pro Tip: Stop the blades and empty the bagger right after you hear the ‘chime’ sound from the mower.

However, there are factors as well that can help you mitigate the obstacle. Follow the tips below and improve your mower’s bagging performance.

  • Do not run your mower on full throttle. When mowing, always make sure the engine is at fast idle or wide open throttle.
  • Mow only when the grass is dry. Clogging can result from wet grass
  • Maintain a slower ground speed. 
  • Adhere to the one-third rule: adjust your mower height so that only 1/3 of the grass is cut at once.

3. Engine Problems

You may experience a variety of engine issues with the JD X300 series X350 lawn mower, including difficulty in engine starting, engine misfiring, and engine jerking. The root of these issues lies within a malfunctioning carburetor, bad switch or coils, or a damaged fuel cap or fuel pump. 

Whatever the issue is, troubleshoot all engine issues by maintaining the following steps: 

Step 1: Disassemble the carburetor and submerge it in a carburetor cleaning solution then scrub it completely to get rid of any clogged debris. Replace your carburetor if it is in poor condition, cleaning it won’t show much of an effect. Take the float boat and needle and clean them as well. 

Step 2: Unplug the spark plug wires separately and inspect the ignition switch and ignition coil. Use a multimeter to examine the ignition switch’s functionality. If it fails, purchase a new one. And as for the ignition coils, use an ohm meter. If you notice any anomaly in the continuity of the meter, the ignition coils are not functioning properly, replace it. 

Step 3: Check if the belts are clean, and idler bullies, blades, and spindles spin perfectly.

Step 4: Inspect for valve clearance.

Step 5: Investigate if there is a leak in the fuel line or if there is a loose clamp on the fuel line. 

Step 6: Check if the fuel pump is in the proper orientation. You can check it all by yourself simply by removing the output hose, and the spark plug wires, and then starting the engine. If fuel is emitted from the pipes, consider replacing the fuel pump. 

I have listed the replacement costs of the JD X350 lawn mower as well. However, keep in mind that these are not the exact cost. This is just an overall idea. Replacing the parts may cost you more or less than the cost listed below. 

JD X350 Replacement PartsExpected Price
Carburetor 27 USD
Ignition switch17 USD
Ignition coil25 USD
Fuel pump165 USD

Check the following video for understanding JD X350 engine issues-

4. Black Fuel Smoke

The emission of black smoke is one of the complaints from the JD X350 users. This can not only be harmful to your lawn but also to the environment. It can be an aftermath of either a faulty carburetor needle valve, bad fuel, or bad air filter. 

Since you are already down here, you now know how to fix the carburetor issue. What about the air filter part?  Here are the steps on how you can fix this trouble-

Step 1: Pull out the air filter from the air cleaner of the tractor.

Step 2: Use a clean, dry rag to remove any dirt from the air cleaner.

Step 3: Slightly press the air filter against a sturdy surface to remove as much loose debris from it. Do not use the air compressor to blow out the dirt! 

Step 4: Place the air filter into the light and check if the light is visible through the filter.

Step 5: Put the filter into the air cleaner system again. If you can’t see any light on the first try, repeat step 3 for 2-3 times. Even after 3 tries, if you do not get any result, replace it. The cost of replacing an air filter will be around 23 USD.

5. Issues of Functioning Steep Land

Your mower might not function well in steep areas. This is another common problem with the John Deere X350 that is, it doesn’t work well while going uphill. Breaks are ineffective on slopes and even the tires do not work properly. 

In such cases, it is advisable not to operate the mower on slopes with angles more than 15° along with the basic configuration, i.e, without any additional attachments like carts, mulch control system, brush guards, and bumpers. The JD X350 Operations on Slope manual has a comprehensive section regarding this. 

6. Seat May Wear and Tear Soon

Another problem might light up, which is the seats are very much susceptible to tear and wear. You can obviously replace the seats, but it is a bit costly. It will be worth around 120 grand. 

Another cost-effective way is simply using duct tape on the broken parts, might not look that good, but if you are on a budget, this will come in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, you have already got your solution for your JD X350 lawn tractor issues. If you have more, queries, the FAQ section might help you.

Q. What is the price of the JD X350 lawn mower?

A. The actual price of the JD X350 lawn mower is $3,999 USD, but it comes with additional charges like tax, accessories, and additional attachments. So it might cost you more. 

Q. What are the specs of the John Deere X350 lawn tractor?

A. Below, I have listed a few of the key specifications of the John Deere X350 lawn tractor. These will help you understand the tractor and its needs better. 

  • Engine power: 21.5 hp, 16.0 kW
  • Battery: 12 V, 340 CCA
  • Fuel system type: Gasoline
  • Fuel delivery System: Pulse pump, carburetor
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.3 U.S. gal.12.5 L
  • Weight: 246 kg
  • Overall dimensions: height-46.1 in. (1171 mm), length- 71.5 in. (1817 mm)  
  • Width: without mower: 38 in. (964 mm), with mower- 50.5 in. (1283 mm)
  • Speed: 0-8.9 km/h

Q. What is the lifespan of the X350 John Deere tractor?

A. The JD X350 tractor has a warranty of 4 years or 300 hours bumper to bumper, whichever comes first. The best part about the warranty, one business handles all the paperwork for the warranty, making it hassle-free.

Q. How many loads can a John Deere X350 tow?

A. The John Deere X350 has a towing potential of 600 lbs, making it able to draw more weight than comparable tractors in this category.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this guideline will help you troubleshoot any problems with your John Deere X300 series X350 lawn tractor. Take action according to which issues are you facing.

You can also read the JD X350 service manual for more help. Even if these steps do not put a full stop to worries, consult with the dealer.

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