Bobcat ZT2000 Vs ZT3000 Vs ZT3500: Which is Better?

Bobcat introduces industry-leading rugged zero-turn mowers having innovative cutting decks. ZT2000, Z3000, ZT3500, ZT6000, ZT6100, and ZT7000 are several popular Bobcat zero-turn mowers. But you may wonder how ZT2000 vs ZT3000 or Bobcat ZT3000 vs ZT3500 differ.

Bobcat ZT2000 provides commercial cutting speed and all-day comfort, whereas ZT3000 features ergonomically engineered controls and all-day fuel capacity. On the other hand, ZT3500 comes with convenient maintenance and maximum comfortability features. Considering the price, ZT200 is more affordable than the ZT3000 and ZT3500 models.

Let’s dig out their differences in detail below!

Bobcat ZT2000 Vs ZT3000

Bobcat ZT2000 Vs ZT3000
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If your lawn is more straightforward, with the occasional challenging spot, the Bobcat zero-turn mower ZT2000 is likely your best bet. It’s easier to handle, kind to your budget, and won’t leave you feeling like you’ve navigated a maze every time you mow.

But for those with larger properties, varied terrain, and the need for speed (well, mowing speed, that is), the ZT3000 is the clear winner. It’s a serious mower for serious lawn lovers who demand performance and longevity.

The below table shows the head-to-head comparison between ZT2000 and ZT3000.

Comparison TopicBobcat ZT2000Bobcat ZT3000
EngineKaw FR651VKaw FR651V
Horsepower21.5 hp24 hp (ZT3061SE)
Weight684 lb (ZT2042SA model)736 lb (ZT3048SC)
Deck Width42, 52, 48 inch48, 61, 52 inch
Transmission typeHG ZT-2800 Hydrostatic TransaxlesHG ZT-3100 Hydrostatic Transaxles
Displacement726 cm³726 cm³
Cutting Height1.5-4.8751.5-4.875
Forward and Reverse Speed7 and 3 mph8 and 3.5 mph
Fuel Capacity4 gal 4 gal 
Oil Capacity2.1 qt liq us (ZT2042SA)4 qt liq us
Pump Displacement10 cm³10 cm³
Clutch105 ft·lbf125 ft·lbf
Model VariationsZT2042SA, ZT2052SB, ZT2048SAZT3048SC, ZT3061SE, ZT3052SD
Starting Price$5419$7429

Bobcat ZT3000 Vs ZT3500

Bobcat ZT3000 vs ZT3500
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Choosing between the ZT3000 and the ZT3500 isn’t about finding the ‘better’ mower — it’s about finding what’s better for you. The ZT3000 zero-turn mower is more than adequate for most lawns and people who need a reliable, powerful mower that can handle regular lawn care with ease.

But if your lawn is a bit more demanding, with more ground to cover and tougher terrain, then the ZT3500 could be the upgrade you’re looking for. It’s the difference between a heavy-duty truck and a super-duty truck; both can haul, but one has that extra oomph for the heaviest loads.

Let’s see their difference in the following comparison table.

Comparison TopicBobcat ZT3000Bobcat ZT3500
EngineKaw FR651VKaw FX651V
Horsepower24 hp (ZT3061SE)23 hp
Weight736 lb (ZT3048SC)773 lb (ZT3548SF)
Deck Width48, 61, 52 inch48, 52, 61 inch
Transmission typeHG ZT-3100 Hydrostatic TransaxlesHG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles
Displacement726 cm³726 cm³
Cutting Height1.5-4.8751.5-4.875
Forward and Reverse Speed8 and 3.5 mph10 and 3.5 mph
Fuel Capacity4 gal 8 gal
Oil Capacity4 qt liq us4 qt liq us
Pump Displacement10 cm³12 cm³
Clutch125 ft·lbf125 ft·lbf
Model VariationsZT3048SC, ZT3061SE, ZT3052SDZT3548SF, ZT3552SG, ZT3561SH
Starting Price$7429$9319


When comparing the Bobcat ZT2000, ZT3000, and ZT3500, consider your property size, usage frequency, and terrain type. The ZT2000 is perfect for smaller tasks, providing a reliable and efficient mower. The ZT3000 offers a balance between residential comfort and commercial performance. The ZT3500 is designed for landscaping professionals who need maximum power, performance, and durability.

When you invest in a Bobcat mower, you’re not just thinking about the short term. It’s about the long-term quality of your lawn, work efficiency, and landscaping experience. With Bobcat’s reputation for toughness and innovation, any choice in this lineup will serve you well.

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