Bobcat ZT2000 Problems and Solutions (3 Common Issues)

Bobcat ZT2000 is regarded as one of the best zero-turn mowers for beginners, as it offers a smooth ride and an attractive cut. This tractor uses a powerful engine from the Kawasaki FR Series and an improved deck mower and its ability to do ‘on-the-spot deck height changes.

You can get the power and performance you’ve always desired from this zero-turn mower. Even so, unforeseen Bobcat ZT2000 problems can pop up from time to time. Some common issues that you may face are the electrical connections, tensioner spring on the belt, fuel gauge troubles, etc. However, you can fix them at home or taking help from professionals.

Such concerns have been addressed in this article, along with strategies to troubleshoot the ZT2000 Bobcat mower. Let’s get started.

Bobcat ZT2000 Specifications

By now, you know the ZT2000 Bobcat tractor has a powerful engine with a superior cut for the lawn. There are, however, other technical specifications you might need to know to make sure your engine runs smoothly and comfortably. 

Below are the key specifications of the Bobcat ZT2000 zero-turn lawn mower. 

EngineKawasaki FR651V (42″ and 48″) or FR691V (52″)
Battery voltage12V
Charging system15A
Power21.5 horsepower (hp)
Displacement 726 cm³
Transmission typeHG ZT-2800 Hydrostatic Transaxles
Fuel Capacity4 gal
Oil Capacity2.1 qt_liq_us (42 in),  4 qt_liq_us (48 in), 4 qt_liq_us (58 in)
Weight684 lb (42 in), 736 lb (48 in), 752 lb (52 in)
Forward Speed7 mph
Reverse Speed3 mph 
Cutting Height1.5-4.875 
Discharge ChuteFlexible Molded Polymer
Pump Displacement10 cm³

What are the Common Troubles of Bobcat ZT2000 Lawn Mower?

Bobcat ZT2000 problems

It’s best to be aware of the most frequently observed problems with the Bobcat ZT 2000 mower, whether or not you run into them. It’s best to know ahead of time so that you won’t be at all flustered when you encounter one. 

These are the three commonly occurring Bobcat ZT 2000 tractor issues that could appear suddenly to bother you- time for a heads-up. 

  1. Electrical problems where the charging system does not work 
  2. Tensioner spring breaks on the belt 
  3. Fuel gauge dies 

How to Fix the Most Conventional Bobcat ZT2000 Problems? 

Having a tractor problem is unavoidable; regardless of the maintenance your tractor receives, a problem will eventually arise. You have no control over this, but you do have control over whether you want to cry about it, spend bucks, and call a technician or try to solve it on your own. 

First, determine which issue corresponds to your mower and attempt to resolve it on your own by doing a few simple but required steps. 

1. Electrical Problems Where the Charging System Does Not Work: Check the Voltage on the Battery 

Imagine a scenario where you are mowing, and the mower eventually breaks down after a short period of time. Upon rebooting the mower, you only hear a ‘click’ sound. Sounds a bit frustrating, right? Well, this scenario is very common within the Bobcat ZT2000 zero-turn mower users. 

The main reason for this is a bad charging system. Do you want to know how to avoid such a situation? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Check the fuse; if it blows, replace it because the charging system won’t function. Getting a new fuse will cost you around 13 bucks.

Step 2: Test the coil on the solenoid.

Step 3: Use a voltmeter to determine whether the battery is at 12 volts.

Step 4: Properly clean both the positive and negative terminals on the battery.

Step 5: Inspect, loosen, and properly clean the ground wire connections at the negative terminal.

Step 6: Inspect the wiring harnesses and voltage regulator. If you sense any problem with the voltage regulator, get a new one for almost 30 bucks.

2. Tensioner Spring Breaks: Replace the Tensioner Spring and Drive Belt

A tractor belt pulley basically aids in the operation of the hydros, and the tensioner spring is what maintains the tension in the pulley.  So you know how important the spring is for a smooth operation. 

However, one of the most aggravating issues with the Bobcat ZT2000 is that the tensioner spring breaks quite frequently. If you encounter this issue, don’t worry; the procedures below will assist you.

Step 1: Detach the battery from the tractor, it’s not mandatory, but it’s easier to work without the battery.

Step 2: Remove the belt cover to reveal the tensioner spring.

Step 3: Use a wrench to loosen up the bolts or nuts on both sides of the spring.

Step 4: Using a ratchet, lift the tensioner from the belt and remove the belt.

Step 5: Disassemble the wheel assembly and tensioner arm by removing the center bolts.

Step 6: Use a prybar to separate the tensioner arm and tensioner wheel assembly. Take out the wheel from the assembly and clean it.

Step 7: After cleaning, assemble the arm and wheel assembly and use a new tensioner spring to tighten the adjustment 

Step 8: Put on the new drive belt.

Listed below is a brief breakdown of the expected price of replacing the parts of the Bobcat ZT2000 mower.

Parts NamePrice
Tensioner spring5 to 7 USD
Idler puller OEM25 to 30 USD
Drive belt30 USD

3. Fuel Gauge Dies: Change the Fuel Sending Unit 

Another issue with the Bobcat ZT2000 tractor is the fuel gauge. Even if your tank is filled, the gauge will not show it. When this happens, you have to replace either of the following: the fuel gauge, fuel sending unit, or fuel sensor. 

Step 1: Raise the seat and use a blower to remove the dust from the assembly fans on the motor.

Step 2: Remove the rear shroud and the fan from the assembly and clean it properly to get rid of dust.

Step 3: Disconnect the sending unit and connect the replacement. If the fuel gauge still does not function properly after testing it, there is a problem with your fuel sensor.

Step 4: Change a new one for the old or bad one.

Step 5: In case the issue is still not resolved, replace the fuel gauge.

Replacing costs of the ZT2000 Bobcat tractor are as follows:

Parts NameReplacing Cost
Fuel sending unit$45 
Fuel sensor$125 to $130
Fuel gauge$60 to $70

Bobcat ZT2000 Review

In the following video, ‘King’s Outdoor Life’, review the ZT2000 Bobcat zero turn mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the price of the Bobcat ZT2000 zero-turn lawn mower? 

A. The price of the Bobcat ZT2000 starts from $5419. 

Q. What are the key features of the Bobcat ZT2000 mower?

A. The most fascinating features of the Bobcat ZT2000 mower include 

  • Kawasaki FR series engine
  • TufDeck™ fully fabricated cutting deck
  • Raised deck lip
  • Serviceable Hydrogear ZT-2800 transaxles
  • Up to 11.2km/h ground speed

Q. What are the different deck sizes available for the Bobcat ZT2000 mower? 

A. The Bobcat ZT2000 comes in 3 different deck sizes: 42″, 48″, and 52″. 

Q. How long is the warranty of the mower? 

A. The warranty for the Bobcat ZT2000 is three years or 500 hours, whichever comes first. And the best part is this warranty covers not only the expenses for the tractor parts but also the labor expenses for the entire time. 


The Bobcat ZT2000 fits any lawn perfectly thanks to its sturdy build, commercial-grade parts, and customizable deck lip. You and your yard are, therefore, in good hands. 

The aforementioned steps are basic guidelines that will enable you to escape challenging tractor-related situations. However, even if your ZT2000 Bobcat tractor is having problems, you can always consult the service handbook, which will provide you with all the information you need to know about maintenance. 

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